USPA NEWS - Custom Hide leather craftsmen have been producing fine leather briefcases and backpacks for over 10 years. All there products are made in USA using full grain hides, lined with real leather, backed by a lifetime warranty.
Ultimate Backpack
Source: Custom Hide
This is the Ultimate Backpack and I want to go through and show you guys a few details on it. This backpack retails for $369 and I´ll show you some of the features and reasons why it´s quite so expensive. This backpack was actually what got me into using a backpack all the time.. I had a friend who had one like this and thought $350 bucks was a lot for a backpack,but not anymore. The more I researched into it, the more I realized it cost a lot to make these bags.If you are looking at leather prices, you could be spending $100 just on leather, not to mention hardware and the time to make it. These people have to be craftsmen because there´s a very high level of precision required for leather working. You don´t want to waste this leather. So let´s go into some of the details on this. I´ve had this backpack for 2 weeks now and so far it´s been a very enjoyable. The first thing I would like to point out is they use all brass buckle. They are strong and very easy to use. The second thing I would like to point out there are no scars.Part of the controversy is that scars will decrease the value of a product and there are none to be found on a Custom Hide product. But I´d say as far as the quality of the leather goes, it´s top notch!! The pros are it looks really classy, it will last a long time, and you won´t need to buy a new item for very long. But the downside is you don´t want to get it stolen because the replacement cost .All and all I would go out and buy one. It is best pick from me..

more information: https://WWW.CUSTOMHIDE.COM

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